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Dr Shereen Lim - Perth Tongue Tie Clinic

Dr Shereen Lim Tongue Tie Clinic

About Dr Shereen Lim

Dr Lim has received further training in the release of tongue and lip-ties, myofunctional orthodontics, and myofunctional therapy to help restore normal tongue posture and function.  She has completed numerous courses by leading providers including:

  • Dr Larry Kotlow - Pioneer of laser release of infant tongue-ties performed over 30,000 releases

    • 2015 Frenum Surgery Masterclass
    • 2017 In office-observation in Albany, NY

  • Dr Martin Kaplan - Co-Author of "Color Atlas of Infant Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie Laser Frenectomy."

    • 2017 - 3 Day Paediatric Tongue- and Lip-Ties: Diagnosis and Treatment with Soft-Tissue (Expanded Course) at Tufts University, Boston

  • Dr Marjan Jones & Dr Dan Hanson - Educators at the Tongue Tie Institute Brisbane, QLD

    • 2016 Foundation and Advanced Tongue Tie Courses
    • 2016 In office observation at Enhance Dental, Brisbane

  • Dr Eyal Boltzer - Head of Paediatric Dentistry in Tel Aviv Medical Centre, Israel. Performed over 15,000 releases

    • 2017 Restricted Lingual Frenulum Surgery and Management Workshop

Dr Lim supports a team approach to management before and after the release.  She works in collaboration with other professionals to ensure more complete rehabilitation of normal function.  These include lactation consultants, feeding specialists, speech pathologists and body workers. For a list of her full qualifications in these procedures and related fields click here

We encourage infants and young children feeding difficulties have a full functional assessment with a lactation consultant or feeding specialist prior to consultation.   We understand in some areas there is limited access to this expertise.  Other times, there may be conflicting information by given by professionals due to varying degrees of awareness .  For this option , we offer the option of consultation without a referral.

Tongue and Lip-Tie Symptoms and Indications

It is important to understand the different symptoms and indications of tongue-ties and lip-ties and to have them correctly diagnosed and evaluated by an experienced practitioner such as Dr Lim. 

Breastfeeding Issues

Breastfeeding should be an enjoyable experience for a new mother. Sadly, this isn't always the case. Tongue and lip-ties can be a hidden source of problems and result in frustration, pain and a host of other symptoms for both mother and baby.

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Infant Reflux

Lip-ties and tongue-ties can lead to poor seal and swallowing of air into the stomach. This results in air-induced reflux with similar symptoms to acid reflux.  In these cases reflux medications will not improve symptoms.

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Chewing & Speech

If your child is a picky or loud eater, persistently sucking their thumb, or has had prolonged speech therapy without results, consideration of tongue-ties could be helpful in the management of these problems.

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Orthodontic Concerns

The American Association of Orthodontists recognises tongue-tie release may have an important role in managing orthodontic problems due to the potential effect on jaw development.

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Sleep Apnoea

Tongue-ties have been associated with narrow palates in recently published studies. This contributes to increased collapsibility of the airway which is linked to the development of obstructive sleep apnoea. 

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Chronic Neck Tension

There are many anecdotal reports of symptomatic improvement of headaches and migraines,  and release of tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders with tongue-tie release. 

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Sparkle Dental offers the option of the procedure on the day of consultation for infants with breastfeeding difficulties.

We offer assessment and consultation for children between 9 months and 5 years of age, although we do not do releases for this age group.  We strongly encourage functional assessment by either a lactation consultant or speech/feeding specialist with expertise in tongue-ties to assess feeding and speech prior to maximise the value of your appointment.   If you have concerns with snoring or pauses in breathing during sleep, Dr Lim can offer direct referral to a paediatric Ear Nose Throat specialist.

Older children and adults will require assessment and consultation regarding Myofunctional Therapy if release is indicated.  Release will not be booked on the day.

We can help with:

  • Infants with breastfeeding difficulties or reflux

  • Children (ages 5 and above) when there are concerns with speech, facial growth, orthodontic problems or poor sleep breathing

  • Adults with snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea, and some instances of chronic head, neck and shoulder pain

The importance of checking children for tongue and lip-ties.

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