Archer – A testimonial

Recently, one of the lactation consultants we collaborate with Leonie Clements from Motherhood Coaching Services shared this great success story. It was received from one of the mother’s of the patients we were involved in caring for.
In addition to more efficient feeding without pain, this baby was less gassy, and did not require their Losec medication by their one week post-release review.
It highlights the need for professionals to ask about breastfeeding challenges and excessive intake of air when there are reflux-like symptoms before prescribing reflux medications to babies.


It all started when Archer wasn't sleeping well through the night and constantly still feeding at 5 months old. My nipples always felt like he was sucking broken glass through them and I had to psyche myself up for every feed knowing it was going to be painful. I didn't want Archer on formula so I would grit my teeth and keep breastfeeding him.

I remember one night I was so tired. Archer was waking every hour and a half and after speaking with a friend earlier that day, I posted a question on a mum’s with babies page and Leonie replied. My friend had told me that giving a bottle of formula before bed would help Archer sleep longer through the night. I was desperate to try anything at this stage just to get a little more sleep so I posted a question asking if anyone else gives formula before bed, and did it help bubs sleep longer. Before long, Leonie replied to my question and offered me her help.

The morning I met with Leonie I almost cancelled because I was so embarrassed that I was asking her, a total stranger for help. As a first time mum with a FIFO husband I was constantly second guessing myself. I wasn't sure what I was doing right or wrong for Archer and I was too tired to meet with a stranger and be judged. My husband somehow convinced me to meet with Leonie that morning and she was the lifeline I needed!!

When we met, Leonie was so warm and welcoming. I felt at ease instantly. With so much running through my mind the one thing I remember thinking was, phew – She’s not here to judge me, she's here to help me.

During our initial meeting Leonie gave me so much advice and heaps of suggestions and small changes I could implement to help Archer sleep and feed better. After an oral assessment she mentioned that Archer had a lip and tongue tie which may have been contributing to the feeding issue we were having so she referred me to Shereen Lim at Sparkle Dental.

We managed to get an appointment at Sparkle Dental the following afternoon where me met with Shereen and her wonderful team. As it happened, Archer needed a feed while we were there and I think Shereen must have seen the pain in my eyes as I was feeding him because she offered to stay back late and do the tongue and lip tie release on Archer then and there. I was shocked because I wasn't expecting the procedure to happen at this appointment but I'm so thankful that Shereen was able to do it.

I have to admit the procedure seemed pretty brutal. Nothing to numb the areas before lasering my baby’s mouth just didn't feel right to me but my husband again convinced me that it was in Archer’s best interest in the long run. A little pain for long term gain he said. I didn't want to put my baby through this procedure and I cried and cried in the waiting room waiting for him to come back to me.

What felt like hours was actually only about 10 minutes and Archer was back. He was upset and there was a bit of blood coming from his mouth but I didn't care because I could cuddle him and kiss him and make things better. I was to feed him straight away just to make sure that after the procedure he would feed and boy did he feed. The longest feed he had ever had and with absolutely no pain! It's hard to explain but it felt so totally different too. I was in total disbelief. I was feeding Archer for the very first time in 5 months and it wasn't painful at all. Feeling so overjoyed, I cried again. I felt like I had finally felt that connection with Archer that everyone who breast feeds talks about.

Until this day I had never really felt like there was any special bond between Archer and I and I am so thankful to my husband for pushing me to go to my initial meeting with Leonie.

Before Leonie, we had seen our GP, a paediatrician, lactation consultant and our child health nurse multiple times and explained that Archer was feeding constantly and it was painful, he wasn't gaining much weight, he was on prescribed medication for wind and not one of them checked Archer for lip or tongue tie.

Thank goodness for Leonie!! Archer now feeds like a pro and without pain, has stopped the wind medication and is having good weight gains. Still isn't awesome at sleeping, we're working with Leonie on this but he's so much better than he was and we have Leonie to thank for this. Thankyou for all of your support and encouragement Leonie You are absolutely wonderful at what you do and I would highly recommend your services to everyone mum and bub who needs any advice or support xox