Tongue-Ties, Bottle Feeding, And Ear Infections – The Myofunctional Connection

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In this video, leading orofacial myofunctional therapist Sarah Hornsby talks about how tongue-ties, bottle feeding and ear infections all reflect abnormal function of the oral and facial muscles. We now know that this poor function is associated with the development of myofunctional disorders including problems with speech articulation, the development of snoring and sleep apnoea…

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Archer – A testimonial


Recently, one of the lactation consultants we collaborate with Leonie Clements from Motherhood Coaching Services shared this great success story. It was received from one of the mother’s of the patients we were involved in caring for.In addition to more efficient feeding without pain, this baby was less gassy, and did not require their Losec…

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Can a lip-tie cause speech problems?


Can a lip-tie cause speech problems? Can they cause a gap between the two front teeth? I get asked these questions multiple times on a daily basis, so thought I would share my thoughts here. At the moment, there is no research linking speech problems to lip-ties and if there are problems it would be…

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Tummy Time for Tongue-Tied Babies

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Tummy Time is something that I am now recommending for our tongue-tied babies, to help get the tongue moving well. Michelle Price Emmanuel is a …. She developed the Tummy Time Method and also created a website for parents to learn more about bodywork in conjunction with tongue tie release. Since I had the chance…

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Tongue exercises for tongue-tied babies

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When a baby is tongue-tied, the tongue’s normal range of motions have been restricted during gestation, well before the your infant is born. It is important to build tongue strength to work towards more normal tongue function and optimal breastfeeding after the release. A well trained lactation consultant is the best person to consult to…

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