Do you experience chronic jaw, neck, and shoulder tension?
Do you suffer from tension headaches or migraines?

This page may be of interest if you have been frustrated with traditional approaches to the management of these ailments.

These conditions can be debilitating, and many people who suffer from these often see multiple professionals in an attempt to manage their symptoms without any long-term relief.

At present, there are no good research studies to support tongue-tie release as a standard option in relieving these conditions.

Yet there are many anecdotal reports of symptomatic improvement and release of tension with tongue release.  There are valid explanations to explain the link.

We know that the tongue has many connections to the muscles and fascia of the body.  When there is tightness in the tongue, we can expect that there may be some hyperactivity or tension in some of the surrounding tissues too.

When the tongue adopts a low position in the mouth the lower jaw tends to move forward to open up the airway.  This leads to forward head posture adding additional tension of the neck muscles.

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An Example of Compensation for a Restricted Tongue

This video illustrates how other muscles in the neck and jaw can compensate and allow good tongue mobility when there is a hidden tongue-tie. This is thought to be a factor in the development of chronic jaw, shoulder and neck pain in some patients.

Tongue-tie release may be considered for patients who have restricted tongue function and have exhausted other therapies, or have other indications for treatment such as sleep-disordered breathing

Adult Tongue-Tie Documentary

This documentary follows four women who had tongue-tie releases as adults.   They share the impact this procedure had on their chronic muscle tension.

Tongue-Tie Release Experience

This patient shares her experience following tongue-tie release with Dr Saroush Zaghi, a Sleep and ENT surgeon and leading researcher in tongue-ties and sleep medicine.

Other Shared Experiences

To read about the experience of others, visit the Tongue Tied Adults Support Group

Informed Consent

The information presented in this films and discussed amongst patients is in contrast to conventional medical protocol.   Tongue-tie release has not been scientifically proven to predictably alleviate these problems.  As a consequence this surgery is not promoted as a primary option for managing these problems.

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