Can a lip-tie cause speech problems?

Can a lip-tie cause speech problems?Can a lip-tie cause speech problems?
Can they cause a gap between the two front teeth?

I get asked these questions multiple times on a daily basis, so thought I would share my thoughts here.

At the moment, there is no research linking speech problems to lip-ties and if there are problems it would be more likely to be related to tongue-ties or poor mobility of the tongue.

A gap between the two front teeth is not necessarily a cause for concern. It is normal and favourable to have gaps between the two front baby teeth as it helps preserve space for the much wider adult teeth to come through. When the permanent front teeth have come through and spaces still need to be closed, it is simple to do a release at this time.

What we do know is that it is normal for most babies to have a high upper lip attachment, and they will tend to get lower with age.

This means that I would not recommend a release of an upper lip attachment in the absence of current symptoms or problems, with the purpose of preventing these two problems.

We just can’t predict if problems will actually eventuate, or if release will guarantee they will not occur.

This is very general info and if you are unsure, want a review of tongue function or need further reassurance, the best thing is to bring your child for an oral assessment and consult.